D-Mail Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

We have put together a list of our Frequently Asked Questions.

What is D-Mail?
D-Mail is an online Email Marketing System designed to allow you to successfully compose and deliver email newsletters and customer mail-outs. D-Mail is extremely cost-effective, easy-to-use and reliable.

Do I need my own subscriber list or does D-Mail supply the email addresses?
D-Mail is designed for use by customers who already have a database of customer or subscriber email addresses. We DO NOT supply you with any email addresses and DO NOT support SPAMMING in any form. D-mail account holders receive coding allowing you to place a 'Subscribe To My Newsletter' sign-up box on your website.

Does D-Mail allow me to collect Subscribers directly from my website?
It's as easy as copying and pasting our premade visitors mailing list signup box to your webpage.

How many Newsletters can I create with my Account?
You may create as many newsletters as you like. You also have an option to save your composed newsletters into your 'Drafts Folder'.

How many Mailing Groups can I create with my Account?
You may create as many Mailing Groups as you like. You can Move, Copy and Delete subscribers from all your Mailing Groups.

How many Subscribers can I send a D-Mail to at once?
You can send a D-Mail to a maximum of 10,000 subscribers (email addresses) at one time.

Easy 4 Step Sending Process
Compose and send professional D-Mails in minutes! Compose your message and choose your template, Preview your D-Mail, Choose your recipients and Schedule a time to send. It's that easy.

Professional HTML Editor
Create eye-catching emails using our advanced HTML editor. You can add images, word documents, PDF files, Flash files and more to your emails with the press of a button.

Your Recent D-Mail Campaigns
See who you have sent your recent D-Mails to, along with the Date and D-Mail Subject.

Saved D-Mail Draft Folder
Send a D-Mail and save it to use again. Or maybe you are half way through composing your sales pitch and the phone rings? Save it to your Drafts folder and get back to it later.

How many Templates can I create in my Account?
Using our Template Design Wizard, you can create as many Templates for yourself as you like.

Custom Designed HTML Templates
For $99* D-Mail will create your own customised HTML Template incorporating your Business Logo and Corporate colour scheme. View some Templates we have created.

* Plus GST

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